The Genesis Agency Commitment:

  • To provide manufacturers with experienced personnel who possess established relationships, technical expertise and credibility within the industry.
  • To consistently provide an active local sales force, and to directly contribute to lead generation and drive specification the territory.
  • To implement reporting techniques and applications that will provide our manufacturers with a live view of their advancement in the territory.
  • To ensure that manufacturers maintain momentum in the market, by being afforded the resources to respond to customers promptly.
  •  To provide accountability.  Documentation and reports from each and every call made on behalf of your business will summarize the call’s outcome.
  • To maintain a strategic and synergistic line card, that compliments our business.
  • To stay on the pulse of the market at all times reacting to any changes that may affect your business. Consistently providing customer satisfaction in order to sustain continuous growth.
  • To provide detailed and accurate project reports on a monthly basis, with standardized weighting of each opportunity.
  • To act in good faith at all times on behalf of our manufacturers, our partners and our customers.  To conduct ourselves in an ethical and credible manner and to ensure that each client is respectfully regarded as a credible industry leader.
  • To contribute to the success of everyone that we engage with.